About Us

Virtusize started with a passion for fashion and the idea that technology and the internet could bring e-commerce beyond the limited and uninspiring experience that is available today.


The idea

We were early adopters of fashion e-commerce and shopping online. Along with millions of other hopeful consumers, we experienced first hand how difficult it was to find great items online. Even when we knew what we wanted, one major obstacle remained – we just could never be sure about size and fit.

While we were frustrated in bringing our interest in fashion online, it also filled us with a great desire to change the status quo of a limited online shopping experience and bring along a new and improved consumer experience.

”There has to be a better way!”

We started to research the market and quickly discovered that size and fit were not only on our minds but on the minds of every online shopper out there. We took the findings to the Textile University of Sweden and collaborated with them to find the best solution to find the best fit. We discovered that comparing body to clothing was like comparing apples to oranges. People have different preferences for fit and just simply recommending a size based on the body of the user didn't capture the solution to the problem.

To begin the search for a solution, we first went back to the behaviour of ourselves and the people around us. We realized that many shoppers, including ourselves, tended to use Ebay, where details of sizes were mostly available. It was still a frustrating experience since we needed to figure out how these items fit us specifically. We tended to compare items on Ebay with items we already owned and imagined how the clothes online would fit in comparison. We went on to interview hundreds of shoppers and it quickly became clear to us that shoppers identified with products they owned and wanted to use them as a reference point when shopping.

Comparing items to items in a simple and effortless way was the solution shoppers had been looking for.

the journey

Virtusize was first released on a handful of Swedish retailers such as Acne Studios in 2012. The word quickly spread and so did Virtusize, with online retailers all over the world quickly starting to use Virtusize as the trusted solution for helping their customers choose the right size and fit. We established our first office overseas in Tokyo, Japan in 2013 as a base for our expansion into Asia. Japan has become our most important market.

Today we are the leading provider of online fitting in the world and in Japan we are clear market leaders with a market share of over 80%.

the vision

Our vision is to be the global standard for size and fit. We do this by enabling shoppers to compare items to items directly, thereby eliminating the need for sizes altogether.

By making consumers comfortable with using our online experience to find their ideal size and fit, we can help retailers increase sales, reduce returns and drive repeat customers.