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Your shoppers know what they want, but don’t always know how to find it. That’s where we come in. FittingRoom is the first search engine that allows them to simultaneously refine their search by a combination of size, fit, style, and price — helping more shoppers find fashion they'll truly love.


of online shoppers say they have trouble finding exactly what they have in mind.

With Virtusize we remove that and let your shoppers find their perfect fit, every time. It's fashion shopping the way it should be - effortless, safe and fun.

How it works.

FittingRoom combines a powerful search engine with Virtusize’s data-driven size and fit service across thousands of brands. It's a next-generation dressing room that helps shoppers find the perfect fit, absolute style, and best deals all in one.

Powered by discovery

Free your shoppers to search specifically for what they like and find items tailored to their wardrobe. It’s the perfect marriage of Virtusize technology with the joy of discovery that powers all great shopping experiences.

Tailored to the journey

We love data, but not as much as we love shopping. That's why we keep things simple. One click lets shoppers review detailed size and fit metrics for each item. One more click and they check out as usual.

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Virtusize is a cutting edge fashion big data company originally founded in Stockholm, Sweden. We provide the  world's most awards winning size and fit services to over 100 leading global fashion retailers.



We’ve been powering size and fit for fashion retailers for 7 years and processed over 150 million orders. Always with a single specific goal in mind – to help shoppers find fashion they will truly love.



More than 30 million shoppers have already experienced our world leading size and fit service. Over three million shoppers per month using Virtusize means a large customer base see the value of finding the right size, every time.



Our service is available on over 10 million fashion products across more than 100 leading retailers worldwide. From mall sites to brands, retailers are partnering with Virtusize to offer their users a new level of shopping experience.

for your business.

FittingRoom is shopping reimagined. It’s the limitless potential for discovery online, together with the peace of mind of knowing that every item will fit. Don't force shoppers to choose between online or instore. Let them enjoy the best of both.

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